As I’m sure you’re aware, the National Health Service has been taking a bit of a pounding over the past year or so. Christmas and the winter months are always a tough time for our hard-working doctors and nurses, but this year in particular has really put into perspective what a challenge working in the health service can be – and the incredible strength, selflessness and determination it requires. That’s why we’re so happy to give back to these proud men and women, as they serve the people of this country, in any way we can.

A tough job builds tough skin, which can be irritating and distracting while you’re trying to power through the day. To make our products more accessible to people working in the NHS and other public services, last year we started offering 40% off for anyone with a Blue Light Card. We feel it’s the least we can do to support those who support the ones we love. Our sister company Rosalique also has this discount available.

To make use of this offer, go to the Blue Light website, log in with your details and search ‘Salcura’ or ‘Rosalique’ in the business directory. You will be given a code which can be entered at checkout.

As many of us have experienced ourselves, frequent washing and sanitising can be incredibly tough on a person’s hands – and our beloved NHS staff will be feeling this more than ever. From early on in the pandemic, we’ve been keen to donate our products to help care workers with dry, sore and peeling hands – with some amazing results! These pictures were kindly sent to us by Georgina, who is a nurse at Bristol Haematology and Oncology Centre. From dry and peeling, to fresh and soft!

Pictured below is Jeanette, who works in Croftwood Care Home in Cheshire. She also received a DermaSpray and Zeoderm through one of our many Blue Light Giveaways.

Beyond that, we’ve been incredibly proud to partner with Nourish our Nurses, who deliver boxes upon boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep our NHS front-line workers well-fed and energised for busy days ahead – 6000 boxes and counting! We’ve been fortunate enough to sneak a few boxes of our Bioskin Zeoderm Moisturiser into their packages and we’re so happy to hear that they’ve helped, not only with dry, tired skin that has been subjected to copious washing and hand sanitiser, but that it’s also helping treat sore skin on the face after a long day behind a mask.
We’ve also been able to support a variety of NHS workers by donating our products to organisations and individuals who are putting together “self-care” packages in support of them. Through initiatives like this we have been able to support whole wards of different medical facilities in Central London, Croydon, Camberley and more. The mental well-being of a person is just as important as their physical well-being when undertaking such heavy emotional labour, dealing with sickness, pain and even death. Whilst a care package may seem small compared to the incredible work these people do, we’d like to think it could lift someone’s spirits after a particularly rough day. This amazing package was put together by PamperAid – please check them out to see how you could support them!

All in all, we can’t properly put into words just how much our NHS Heroes mean to us. They look after our husbands, wives, parents and children and they’ve never been more important than they are today. Take a second to think of them as you get on with work, stuck at home or otherwise. Where would we be without them? Thank you all!