Natural Lifestyle Product Awards 2019

We are starting this year with an amazing announcement.

Our Bioskin DermaSpray has won the Natural Lifestyle Products Awards 2019 in the Best Beauty category.

dermasprayAlso, our Bioskin DermaSpray was awarded Highly Commended in the Health Food Business Product Awards 2020, in the Best Beauty/ Bodycare category.

We would like to thank all the people who voted for us!

For years now our Bioskin DermaSpray Intensive has been a saviour to anyone with severely dry and itchy skin. The fine liquid of the Spray sinks deep into the skin feeding it all it needs to become stronger and healthier. The Spray application makes the product easy to use as it is non-greasy and it does not need rubbing in. It can also be applied on larger parts of the body or even on more difficult to reach areas, like the itchy scalp.

We are extremely grateful and would like to thank everyone who voted for our Bioskin DermaSpray once again.