How long before I see results?

All skin is different so how quickly you see improvement varies per person. We have however designed our products to ensure you will see a visible improvement within one life cycle of the skin, which takes 28 days. When it comes to the skin and its challenges, please bear in mind that an overnight ‘cure’ does not exist. The skin needs time to find a balance again, plus other factors might come into play – what other products are you using or have you used, what diet do you follow, etc.

We try and make our products as effective as possible, providing you with a long term and sustainable solution, but we do ask you to be patient and persistent. Make sure to use the products often, a few times a day in the beginning even, and make sure to continue to use them even when you see your skin improve. And if you feel the products really have made no difference, please know that we have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.